About Me

Shahid Kazi ( shahidskazi@hotmail.com )

The sanity bit of me is only partial, the rest helps me succeed. Techie by profession and love to tell stories. Have been a lazy blogger so far; writing but not publishing. But after the love and encouragement of all my family and friends; trying to update my writing regularly. 

Any and every feedback is welcome and appreciated. You can use the comments sections of the post or send me a PM.

If you have any idea/story that you would help me write; again, feel free to reach out; I would be more than happy to help.

You can use the Follow button on right (in case of web browser) and the bottom (in case on mobile device) to get updates and emails on the posts to the blog ( saving you time and making you lazy - the whole idea behind technology :) ).

Keep reading and don't forget to comment; that's the only thing pushing me keep writing..


  1. Shahid, you are awesome... I was never aware about this quality of yours. Awesome reads. Keep it up!! :)

  2. Shahid, awesome! Techie + writer + artist.... What next? Must say here, Talent has no limits and passion has no sky.... Keep Rocking


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