Inktober Survivor - Year 6

Sixth successful Inktober, hopefully getting better with every year. Thanks for the love, the messages, likes and comments. It's the best motivation (apart from money ofcourse 😂) to keep going.

Having a hobby helped me stay calm and settle and have my own little designated space where I can be who I want to be and create what I want to, with inspiration from so many places - drawing boards, art forums, paintings in restaurants, to cute little kids in the family... 

If I happened to have recreated your art, all credit to you, it's probably something I saw, loved and it stayed with me (I am not making money here so won't be able to hand out royalties 😂) but I can only repay with love and respect.

Hopefully, I can continue and keep creating for all long as I physically and emotionally can. Keep the love pouring in 😉

That's all from this year's Inktober...


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