Inktober 2023

Thanks for all the love. Taking a short break before Inktober starts on 1st October.

The last few months have been nothing short of Inktober, and yet Inktober still in special, since this time around I'm not the only one drawing daily. Hopefully, the last few months of practice helps me be good this time around (6th year of participation).

For people who don't know Inktober, its a challenge (not contest) by the art community to come together and draw daily in the month of October. Since it was started by the artist that does Ink drawings (like I do pen drawings), its named Ink + October = Inktober.

The idea is to make art every day in October. While it says Ink, its not limited to Ink, you can use any medium to create art. Some use digital drawings, some write stories/shorts, some bake cakes while some to art from waste. There is a group on Facebook (search for Inktober) where you post your artwork with #inktober and #inktober2023 (for this year). Share on Instagram too and if you check the hashtag, you will see all the amazing artwork people have done world over. Its share and learn.

So, if you too are art inclined and would like to try your hand, come join me this October.

There is an official prompt list to help people come up with ideas. This is more for helping people and does have have to be followed religiously. Most people do, to reduce the stress of coming up with ideas, but you can use any way you want it to.

Hopefully, I can complete this October too and call/tag myself an Inktober survivor #inktobersurvivor. See you all soon on the 1st :-)

- Shahid Kazi


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