Innocence (Poem)

Sweet the sounds of a baby's tone
Innocent smiles, bringing forth your own
Pampering they crave, hour after hour
Lest you wish to see, a cute face turn sour

Tippity tip... They move across the floor
Doing better with each step than before
Calling you out in a cute little voice
Late nights spent, seem worth the price

Why do they do what they do, you have no clue
Yet smile you do, for once you were like this too
Pouts and kisses, every action filled with thrill
You pray for more, for time to wait, stand still

Time flies... These days would be but memories
Fast they grow, leaving behind only sweet stories
Wont hug you anymore, kisses will become rare
Living in photos, their innocence, love and care

1 comment:

  1. I think he will always stick to you and hug you like this 18 year old


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