Mood (Pen Drawing)

Our mood when looking at the tax deducted in our salary slip... 


  1. When the “Stay at Home” order began in mid-March, I had grand plans. Working from home was going to give me so much time to work on my art and business. I was cooking up new book writing company , a new logo, and maybe even a new e-course.

  2. A limited edition book with text, a pencil drawing, and a watercolour painting is called Mood Pen Drawing by Anne-Lise Francois. It is a selection of some of Anne-finest Lise's drawings from the last five years. She began the drawings in 2007 while residing in New York City and ended them in 2012 after relocating to Paris. She decided to carry on the sketches she had started because she was missing them. The professional dissertation help has a stunning glossy, full-color cover made of plush matte paper.

  3. Create personalized drawings that capture the mood of a person. With the use of a marker, a black ink pen, and a color-coded mood wheel, you can draw a picture that represents your mood. Then you can share it with your friends or upload pre recorded video to facebook live


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