Photography - Switzerland: Vol I

If you ever wondered whether Switzerland is as beautiful as seen in the pictures and videos, it is actually not. The thing is that the videos and photos do not do enough justice to how well the co-existance of humans and nature is on display in the country that prides itself on its beautiful landscapes...

Beautiful spring afternoon for day on the lake (Thun/Interlaken)...
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Fresh overnight snow (Murren, Lauterbrunnen)
2 / 10
Sunset at Lake Lucerne.. (Lucern/Luzern)
3 / 10
Riding up to nothingness (Mount Pilatus, Lucern)
4 / 10
Beautiful view of the Swiss Alps... (Jungfrauhof)
5 / 10
Extremely scary... Knowing its on the top of a peak... (Mount Pilatus, Lucern)
6 / 10
Amazingly beautiful countryside... (Thun/Interlaken)
7 / 10
Beautiful spring morning to be out and about (Murren, Lauterbrunnen)
8 / 10
The first views of Switzerland from the train... (Outskirts of Zurich)
9 / 10
A piece of calm in an otherwise chaotic city... (Lake Zurich, Zurich)
10 / 10

When you are at the sunset of life, you dont count the money you cannot take with you, you count the memories and experiences you will be taking with you...

- Shahid Kazi


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