Photography - Austria: Vol. I

Having lived in Austria for over a year, the culture, the sights and most importantly the people I've met here have given it a special place in my heart. So many beautiful memories and time that will be etched in me for forever...

Keeping a watch on the snowed in city (Semmering, Austria)...
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Perfect location for your dream vacation (Halstatt, Austria)
2 / 10
When you wonder what the path to heaven looks like.. (Puchberg, Austria)
3 / 10
Sunsets that stay with you forever (Klagenfurt, Austria)
4 / 10
Waking up to a reality that looks more like a dream... (Grossglockner, Austria)
5 / 10
I could watch this place for hours... (Salzburg, Austria)
6 / 10
One of my most memorable drives... (Grossglockner, Austria)
7 / 10
Lazy evenings on a summer day (Zell Am See, Austria)
8 / 10
Romantic sunsets are made at such places... (Zell Am See, Austria)
9 / 10
When nature and culture come together... (Hofburg, Vienna, Austria)
10 / 10

Its the memories you make, not money, that defines how rich you really are...

- Shahid Kazi


  1. I have some beautiful memories of Austria.. loved the pics

  2. I have only been to Vienna...but it stole my ❤️. Nad now looking at these pics....I am already making plans for my next visit 😊


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