Don't Forget the Human Below

In unprecedented times like these, where Government and multiple authorities work tirelessly to save us and make our lives secure whilst battling our own human stupidity alongside, we need to sit back acknowledge the work being put in. Surely, the leaders deserve their share of the praise and are doing a great job, but as the subject hints, do not forget the human below.

While it is a job of huge responsibility and pressure, it can only be as successful as the people implementing them. So when you do praise all the efforts, please take the time to thank the underlings, the ones actually at ground level implementing these measures. Not just the doctors, but also the ward boys and the cleaners, the delivery boys and the janitors, the sweepers and garbage authorities, the truck drivers and police (including the traffic police). There are lot more people down below that need to be part of the list.

On an ordinary day, we rarely stop to acknowledge their importance or thank them for their help. The electricity you have running in your house (even if riddled with outages, it's not easy to manage and keep running), the water supply down to the simple act of drainage. There is an army of humans down below in the hierarchy performing a thankless job for measly wages and almost no scope for protective gear that their job demands.

While most people at home would have finally understood the importance of their maids and the basic services, there still is a huge portion that we take for granted. To be honest, there isn't a better opportunity to notice and feel for them. To try and know their pain and what your privilege shields you from.

The most unfortunate reasoning I have heard from a lot of people, media and other sources is "They are paid to do their job". Well, think of it this way... you go to work or you may own a business. You are doing work and getting paid for it in return. Now, doesn't it make you happy when you get an extra bonus or an award or a gift from your workplace? Or maybe a certificate of recognition or suddenly increased inflow of customers in your business due to your good practices? It does... doesn't it? Then why deprive the person below?

Money is not always the answer to this (surely it helps a lot), but in a lot of cases, being human towards them... or for that matter treating them as an actual equal living being goes a long way. A smile or a thank you... accepting that mistakes can be made by humans (don't you hope you were given a second chance when you make a mess?)... and not treat them as tangible workforce or the worst tag of all 'resources'. They are humans too and its time we acknowledge that.

All said and done, we need to ensure that we start becoming humans too and take this time to reflect and think straight too... The world after this crisis is going to change a lot and this world is going to need your support in that. You can start with making handing out food to the needy, your behavior towards the simpler people below you, supporting you... and maybe if you can... donate to the bigger cause (for everyone's revival... they need us now... but we need them more in the long run for our survival).

It is as simple as... Don't forget the human below...

Note: For donations to the COVID-19 fight, here are some official links for you...
PM Cares (Official Govt Initiative):
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Chief Ministers Relief Fund (Maharastra):

Zomato (Feeding Daily Wage Workers):

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