Race (Poetry)

Time seems to have frozen, this hazy hot morning
People on the bus, silent, staring, not moving
Is it real? Is it something I'm imagining?
Or has the rat race for us, finally come calling?

Same the sight, day in and day out
When does it end, this goalless drought?
Do we accept and get into the motion?
Or do we fight, this horrendous emotion?

How do we survive, living simply as a machine?
No destination in sight, no goals to achieve
Every single day, repeating the same exercise
Living by preset rules, no room for surprise

What do we do, to break free from this prison?
How do we decide, what is life's true vision?
Stepping into a cycle, fear holding us back
Better go down trying, than getting into the pack

Push back, fight, take the scars with a pride
The journey, not easy, thorns strewn in every stride
Some will perish, some will make it to the shore
While others live by, regret in their very core

Sunrise tomorrow, may not be waiting for you
Sunset today, seems better than living like you do
The purpose of your being, not to while away
Tomorrow may never come, take back life today

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