Inktober Highlights

Another year, another Inktober. If you look at it from an artist's perspective, the most difficult part of it is the discipline and yet people push themselves, since the thrill of having completed a challenge is bigger.

Thank you for taking the time to check out the daily spam I sent out :) for following, commenting, critiquing (most important bit) and encouraging me to complete it. Lets hope it turns into a proper annual ritual :)

Shout out to Sheeba for introducing me to this, my drawing has definitely had an improvement since I started out and also matured a bit (nowhere close to you, but improved in my own small world sense). Also, I got to pay it forward and inspire people to take up the challenge. It is fun, it is much needed practice and it is also an opportunity see so many talented people at work, so keep it on every year.

Once again thanks everyone for all the love (that's what keep this blog alive). Below is a quick recap of what ensued last month. There are a few more which I made but did not use (did not feel they did justice to the theme), which I will post over the next few days as regular posts.

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