Life's Surprise (Poem)

Saw her standing by the beach alone
    Sun moving out, sky taking a lighter tone
The flowing gown, hugging her body tight
    Eyes closed, taking in the dying light
Hair set free, flying with the breeze
    Lost in the moment, mind set at ease

My eyes stuck on her, couldn't let go
    More I saw of her, my heart asked for more
Never believed in love at first sight
    But couldn't deny, my heart's delight
She turned, she saw, smiled out bright
    Calm was my smile, my heart, not quite

Walked by slowly, standing by her side
    Wondering my chances, this beauty beside
Look in those eyes, like pretty blue skies
    Waiting for me, an angel in disguise
Life can be funny, springs the odd surprise
    Keep the faith alive, Love the ultimate prize


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