Meet Yourself (Poem)

Slow the flow of this lazy river
Rocking the sides of your tiny boat
Time frozen, calm & serene around
Lying in nature's arms, casually afloat

The wind picks up a gentle little pace
Feel of evening chill on a happy face
Birds flying home, the sun bids goodbye
Away from madness, in peace you can lie

Books the only friends, a simple fare tonight
Sounds of gentle waves, easing up the night
Dreaming away, breathing in the misty air
Happy memories to relive, a nostalgic affair

No work for you to finish, no comments to post
No world chasing you, nature playing your host
Meet yourself again, let your soul be freed
The one thing, all of us, desperately need

You grow old, pushing back all your plans
Today it's a house, tomorrow kid's demands
Do not plan to die, with regret in your eyes
Today is for you alone, before the time flies

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