Peace (Poetry)

The world is at war, where is all the peace?
Everybody is angry, everyone wants a piece
Contempt and misery, we humans compound
Hatred and violence, have grown so profound

Where does one go? To hide and to survive?
Praying each day, they come back home alive
Guns and the bombs, speaking more than before
Why don't we fix, what's wrong at the core?

We're meant to be different, not built by machines
Not defined by religion, we have our own dreams
There is no one path, for all of us to take
The world, our canvas, each path our own to make

Don't push and don't force, we're born to be free
To live with our love, not by someone's decree
Ghosts of our pasts, our own demons to face
Not for you to tag, to put a label on our face

Live and let live, is life's only ever need
Hate inside of us, growing fast just like weed
Give up on the anger, learn to love again
Before it's too late to change,
Before the world gets empty, all over again...

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