Inktober Highlights

It has been a crazy month. Coming up with so many drawings in a single month has not at all been easy like I had initially imagined. But, to be honest, it was fun and I got to practice and learn a lot from the whole challenge. Almost gave up midway twice, but it was the support that I got kept me going through the month.

For those wondering what the hell is Inktober and why I have been sending drawing everyday for the last few days. Inktober is a challenge in the art community to try and make one ink drawing everyday in October. Not easy as it sounds, managing time with daily work, coming up with themes and ideas, but a fun activity to keep your art alive and showcase/learn.

Thank you everyone for taking the time and going through them and liking and sharing your kind words. I intend to keep up the pace of posting content as much as I can and also moving on back to adding stories, poetry and articles, apart from drawings.

Do follow my blog if you find it interesting (link on right side panel for desktop/laptop and below for mobile). I also post updates regularly on my Facebook Page and my Instagram account which you can subscribe too.

Its all the likes, comments, hate and love that keeps the art flowing, so do not hesitate to pass on the love, to keep the creative juices flowing.

Thanks for everything :)


  1. You did an Amazing work Shahid.. keep up the good work...

  2. Well done .keep up the work. You are born artist .talented and amazing person. Will wait for more in this space.

  3. The warmth and kindness of this community are unparalleled! Gear up for some serious fun in Funny Shooter 2 - it's a game changer!


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