50K and Going Strong

Passed another milestone today... 50000 hits. This blog is now up to approximately 6000 hits per month. 
That is way beyond what I had expected when I re-started this dead blog (My first attempt did not get me as much readership), but thankfully this time around things look far more than encouraging.

Thank you for all the live and support, for coming back again and again for the content I post here. It means a lot to bloggers to know there are people who appreciate your work, take time to read/see and like and post comments.

I will keep the momentum going and content coming. If you wish to share/host content on my blog, please feel free to reach out to me and I would be glad. Likewise, if you a story you want to share with the world but unable to write, I would be more than happy to bring them to life.

Once again thank you very much and keep coming, keep reading and keep leaving comments/likes :)



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