Losing Myself (Poem)

Down by the river shore
  All alone, I sit and weep
Darkness clouding my broken mind
  Seeping in, quick and deep

Loneliness and misery I befriend
  Do I see a beginning or an end?
Not sure anymore, doubts prevail
  What is this sadness, I couldn't foretell

Staring long into the sky
    Darker and darker, clouds flying by
Crying, praying, for a bit of hope
  Watching the last bits of light elope

Not a friend in sight
  No one for me to hold tonight
No one to show my hurting self
  No one looking out for me tonight

Lost in the darkness, trying to hold on
  Screaming aloud, no one to look upon
Fading slowly, losing out to pain
  Hope someone, someday, remembers my name

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