Childhood (Poem)

High above, the sun burns bright
     No shade, no wind, anywhere in sight
Sweat dripping, down the back
     For muddy clothes, we had a knack

Kicking the ball, all over the place
     Running around, with a sweaty face
Screaming a pitch, way too high
     Reliving memories of days gone by

Every single day, we miss it all
     Every small victory, every fall
The world could wait, it was our time
     Then we grew up, our biggest crime

Innocence we knew, it lived inside
     Now an empty hollow, all we can find
Our friends, our life, always beside
     Now only in our phones, they reside

Grow up we did, when and why
     Sliding away from joy, whatever we try
Pray to God, we pray and cry
     Make us a child again, once before we die


  1. Absolutely..... :). Even Rizu likes it..

  2. Re minds me of this quote:
    "To be as serious as a child at play"

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