Never Letting Go (Poem)

Delicate toes, leaping with grace,
          Beautiful hair, bouncing in style
The smile, the wink, as she turns her head,
          God, I love this beauty, running ahead

Dodging my leap, to hold her waist,
          Running to miss, my tickle as best
Pick her I do, moving from behind,
          Touch of her skin, all over my mind

Tilts the neck, as she moves her head,
          God, I'll be with her, long till I'm dead
Lift up I do… her slender figure,
          Millions of sparks, in my body trigger

Goose bumps all over, she holds on to me,
          God, I love, what she’s doing to me
Don't want it to end, this moment I feel,
          Pulse beating fast, from head to heel

Love her I do, 
          And I love her a lot
God, keep with me forever, 
          This beauty I've got…


  1. Beautiful !! Lovely..😍😍

  2. Mai shaayar to nahi..Magar ae sanam...jabse dekha....maine tujhko, mujhko shaayari....aa gayi....😀😀

    Good one dost....


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