Not Myself Tonight (Poem)

Graceful & alluring, her every stride
     Sweet the air, when she stands beside
Lost in her charm, lost in her eyes
     Nobody else, I see tonight...

Staring like a fool, her every move
     Sauvé blue eyes, enchanting groove
Smile I do, at her passing glance
     She smiles back, inviting to dance...

Gliding through the crowd, like no one around
     Empty the space, no people, no sound
A million souls, at the party tonight
     The two of us, only ones in sight...

Dancing with her, I cannot breathe
     Rush in my heart, not willing to recede
Too many hearts, feel the flutter tonight
     Too many hearts, will be broken tonight...

Love at first sight or just an obsession
     Heart's fleeting fancy or deep affection
She feels it too, she holds me tight
     My heart, my soul, not mine tonight...


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