Short-Cuts #2 (Short Story)

Continuing with the Twitter-ature of "stories in short".

The roar of laughter was insult to injury after the sudden brake in the bus landed him in the lap of the girl sitting nearby...

'No one else here'. As the feet receded, the little child hidden under the bed cried..  staring into the dead eyes of his parents near him on the ground...

'Have this. I have more for me'. The toddler smiled; sitting on the footpath; as the hungry brother fed him the last of his own morsel...

'Will you marry me?'.. There he was; being the gentleman on a bent knee. She was the happiest girl in the hotel tonight...

'Hubby Birthday' buzzed the reminder on her phone; just as she was about sign the papers for getting his death certificate...

"That look of yours still turns me on..." Even at 90, he knew how to make her blush !!

"It's done".. his kid brother's crayon drawing on his plaster cast, finally brought a much needed smile to his face...

She moved slowly as she slept peacefully in his arms. The feeling, more beautiful than anything he had felt in his life.

She looked into his eyes and gave the sweetest smile. In his head, he was already planning their marriage...

The cops stood and saluted, as he took his seat. The smile, on his dying wish fulfilled, being police commissioner for a day, was the happiest last memory of him for his parents forever.

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