One Night Stand (Short Story)

DISCLAIMER: The following story contains adult content which may be unsuitable for certain audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

“Dude… You married?? But why?”

“What the… What do you mean why?”

“Man, you were the last remaining happy dude in our group. We survived knowing someone was still living our life !!”

Sordid & atypical jokes were part of their drinking ritual at this pub. With the last of them now finally hooked up, tonight was going to be dedicated to drunk, sad, married jokes.

“Yea… She’s different. I mean you guys will like her too. We met at our new office. We've been dating steady and it was finally time…”

“Nice… So now we know what late night meetings you were really busy with. Hope the sex was good enough to give 'this' up!!”.

They loved their wives, but just like every guy, they missed the thrill of being single once in a while. To make up for it, this pub became their Fortress of Solitude.

“Fuck off…”

The laughter was audible through the floor…

He knew his best friend was going to have to take this crap, the bad jokes, all through the night. Especially with all of them piss drunk by now. He planned to spare his friend the grief tonight. Best friends since kindergarten, he was in some way happy to have his friend finally settle down.

“The marriage was a small private family affair, but we do have the reception planned here”

“Screw that. We still get to do the bachelor’s right? Even though you are technically not a bachelor now”

“We’ll talk about that…”


That’s when he saw her, standing near the door. Petite and beautiful; in a short red dress, with her burgundy hair flowing down her shoulders. Looked a little lost, maybe searching for someone.

His friends' banter was lost to him… he was already down memory lane.

A few weeks earlier…

He was in another city, away for a conference. He wanted to be alone that evening, away from the corporate executives and the boring and fake work discussions. Settled on the bar stool alone, listening to dull music, he noticed her for the first time.

There she was, all alone at the table, equally bored and yet the prettiest thing in the bar that night. The evening gown hugging her attractive figure, just enough makeup to look natural and yet extremely beautiful.

He just could not take his eyes off her; and then, in a fleeting moment, she saw him, checking her out. Embarrassed, he tried to look away, but she already knew. And when he looked back at her. She smiled.

“Could you repeat whatever that lady is drinking? It's on my tab...”

When the bartender offered her the drink, she looked at him, picked up the glass and walked over. He quickly slipping his wedding ring out of his fingers and into his pocket… hoping, praying, that she did not notice it.

"Well… someone wasn't a bit shy, when he was checking me out…"

"Aah, Let's just say, this is my way of saying, Can we start over again?… and right this time"

"I guess that works..."

Her smile, naughty and yet in complete authority over the whole situation.

"What is a beautiful woman like you doing all alone at this disastrous place?"

Her eyebrows were raised with a slight smirk on her face

"For one… there's nothing wrong in loving your own company and second, aren't you doing the exact same thing?"

"Touché…" raising his glass

"Well… I am a banker and stuck here in this hotel tonight as part of a boring conference. But hey, the booze is free and I get to drink with a pretty lady, so I'm not complaining…"

"That's good to hear. It was a lot of hard work for me to get this whole 'boring' conference organized…"

He almost spat out his drink and she could not hold back her laughter. Even through his embarrassment, he could not ignore how beautiful she looked as she laughed freely, the spark in her eyes, covering her mouth with her hands, the long beautiful and well taken care of fingers. She gently placed her hand on his shoulder to ease him and he knew, he wasn't yet out of the game.

"We aren't here to talk about work, are we?"

"Oh no… work is the last thing on my mind right now. I can assure you that"

She winked as she moved her hands through her hair. The evening had just gotten exciting…

"So, you check out single women in bars often?"

"That kind of sounds creepy (laughing)… but no I don't… You are an exception. To be honest.. It would be criminal to not check out someone so gorgeous". 

He moved closer as they talked… she smiled as he did

"My, my. Good with words too eh?"

"Well, its just easier to tell the truth at such times"

She blinked and smiled with a hint of blush. She was clearly interested. Whether it was genuine or the alcohol helping her out, didn't really matter anymore.

"Is that so… Mr. Banker"

"The name's…."

She didn't let him finish, her finger on his lips, asking him to stop, right there

"Shhh… the mystery is what makes this exciting… Let's not ruin it, shall we?"

"Then I guess it's time to move this party some place better?"

She finished the last of her drink in one large sip and stood up. He held his his arm out for her, she smiled as he led the way.

Alone in the elevator, he looked into her eyes. Formalities out of the way, he grabbed her close and kissed her passionately. She didn't hold back as she held him tight, pulling him deeper into the kiss. They didn’t notice the people staring in shock as the elevator stopped on floors. They were now into each other.

He grabbed her hand as they moved hastily towards his room, not wanting to waste any more time.

The clothes lying all over the room was witness to their excitement. The noises heard down the hall. But they didn't seem to care… They were in a moment and everything else could wait. He hadn't had sex in a very long time and she knew exactly what she wanted… leading the way. Demanding, what she wanted and this turned him on more than he had imagined. Something neither of them had ever done before…

He lay there, spent, trying to catch his breath and reliving what had just happened.

But she wasn't in the mood to cuddle. Got up and started dressing, searching for clothes flung all around the room.

"No wasting any time huh?"

"Look… the sex was amazing… I loved it… but that's what it was… just sex. That's exactly what both us wanted."

"Hey… I'm not complaining"

"Why would you? You're married !!"

He looked at her in shock…

"You think I missed the ring slipping into that pocket??"


"Not needed… You're married, I'm engaged… Don't need all the complications… Please… I enjoyed tonight, truly. Let it stay that way…"

She kissed him, one last time, before she picked up her shoes and left out the door. Leaving him behind, naked in bed, still trying to make sense of what had happened. He knew he would never forget her and yet he would possibly never see her again.

"Where the hell are you lost mate??"

He was back at the bar, with the gang still giving his best friend grief on his marriage.

"Enough! I got married, end of story… and there she is… Guys… I give you… the missus"

The look in both their eyes, the fear… the anger… the confusion

No complications she'd said. Life on the other hand, had a nasty little joke in mind…


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