Moments (Short Story)

"I want to have two kids…"

"Just 2? I was planning on having a dozen… starting today !!"

"I'm serious… 2 kids… A boy and a girl… If we get a boy first, we adopt a girl or the other way round. What say?"

"This is exactly why I married you… Completely sorted in life. I won't have to worry about making any decisions"

That brought a wide and happy smile to her face; even a hint of blush. She had one of these simple yet extremely attractive faces. A smile that would force you to smile, no matter how bad your mood. The hair falling on her face… making her careless look even more beautiful. 

She cozied into his arms; the fragrance of her body at close comfort; his poison… he could never have enough. He held her tight; as much as he could, to feel as one and yet not cause her any sort of discomfort.

"We finally got married !! Can you believe it?"

"Yea. Though I wish we didn't have to leave our parents out of it. If only they had agreed to be part of our happiness…"

"Well… I will never understand what is wrong with that generation. All the fuss and then eventually give in. They just have to make life difficult for us… the drama, the fights… come to think of it, we almost broke up, didn't we?"

"Ha Ha Ha… So that was your escape plan? To get rid of me by hiding behind your parents?? You won't get rid of me this easy…"

"Yea, I'm not that lucky… We made it through 8 years… we were already married. This was just a ritual"

"But they will eventually agree, won't they?"

He could sense the part of her that was sad because their parents were not party to their marriage. Walking out of the house and getting married in the court with close friends as witnesses was not her dream of marriage. And yet their families hadn't left them any choice. He held her closer and gently kissed her forehead.

"They will. They have loved us for so many years that they can't be angry for too long. They will reach out to us eventually. They're not monsters."

"I don't know. It's just sad that my happiness just didn't matter anymore…"

"Shh… don't worry. I have thought this through and have a plan to get them back into our lives. Just have patience ok… you trust me… don't you?"

She looked into his deep brown eyes. She knew she hadn't made a mistake. Just cross with the ardent and unjust traits of society.

"I… love you more than anything… I wouldn't have taken this big a step if I didn't trust you…"

He slowly moved her face to his. Breath colliding, he pressed his lips to hers. No matter how many years had gone by, their kisses never lacked in any intimacy.

Finally breaking into a smile, with a naughty twinkle in her eye, she asked "So, what's this genius plan of yours?"

He knew that look, that hint, that invitation…

"Step 1… enjoy our bloody honeymoon !!!"

She giggled and tried to break free… and he was pulling her back into their bed…

Buzz Buzz.. The doorbell rang…

At the door, dressed in a black suit, his best friend and now his lawyer…

"What the hell bro? You still aren't ready? Look at your bloody face !! Sober up… stop drinking and staring at those pictures again, we need to be in court within an hour, the judgement is today… Today, we finally get justice for her…"

He could hear him… and yet he was still lost in that moment…

"What difference does it make? You know… she was scared when they called… didn't want to go. I told her everything was going fine, as per my plan. She should trust me… Trust me!! She would be alive today if I had only listened to her silent plea… and held her back… I was supposed to protect her; take care of her; grow old with her… and I sent her to die !!!"

Honor killing has stolen many precious lives from this country… unjustly; all because they dared to dream, to love and to be happy. If we really cannot handle our loved one's happiness, what do we really know about true honor?

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  1. Good you are bringing up the reality. Nice read Shahid..


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