Short Cuts (Short Story)

My first attempt at trying to tell a story to the Twitter generation. Small tales in around 140 characters that are complete and have meaning or emotion bundled in them. Akin to Terribly Tiny Tales, this is my view of the world in short cuts

Short #1
"Maa I can finally run and play again".. said the gleeful voice
Death had been kinder than life for the cancer stricken child..

Short #2
When she stared for the first time.. right into his eyes
She became, Daddy's Little Girl, for all of their lives..

Short #3
Staring into the sunset, his old lonely eyes had only one regret in them
Wish I spent more time with my family than work while I still had them

Short #4
"I never told or showed you, but I have always known you had my back"
"Na bro. I always knew you trusted me. How could I let you down??"

Short #5
"I love you too, but they don't see you like I do. You need to go now!!"
Knock Knock !!
"Oh no darling, little kids should not be sitting in dark closets alone !!"

Short #6
"Take care of mother for me.. Promise me. Please !"
No father should ever have to remember these as his child's last words

Short #7

"I don't think we will ever run out if crap to talk about whenever we meet"
Laughter abound, at 89, age was just a number for the childhood buddies.

Short #8
"Is it too late now? I was an idiot to turn you down. I love you and cannot live without you"
Tears rolled as he read the text walking towards the church for his wedding

Short #9
"This tastes delicious !! Where did you learn this"
A simple lie and yet with the sparkle in the eye and the happy smile.. all sin was forgiven

Short #10
"Don't ask why, but we need to get out if here now!!" he said as he pulled her with him
Scared, she tripped and fell.
His eyes shone bright in the dark lying in his pool of blood.
The knife gripped firmly in her palms.


  1. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 very nice Shahid.. good that Mumbai travels get all these talents out of you 😊

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