Dream (Poem)

The same dream every morning
      A tiny face and constant giggle
 Bouncing she goes across my face
      The scent familiar this kid I face

 Teeny hands and a wobbly run
      She laughs as she plays in the rays of sun
 She moves her head side by side
      She looks at you and those eyes shining bright

 A dimple on left bring out the mighty grin
      Beautiful this kid, she runs again
 This time to you, arms spread out
      Warm she feels as she hugs you tight

 I know this kid, I feel it in me
      The eyes are mine the hug I always crave...
 The feeling of knowing she is my own
      My darling daughter, how time has flown..

 Her mother in sight, charming as ever
     Got two ladies more charming together
The lips move as make a smile
      The woman I loved I have forever...

 The future I want as simple as that
      Not much to steal, not much to ask...
 A moment i feel words can never explain
      No wonder I come back to this dream 
Again and again and again.....

1 comment:

  1. Very nice Shahid... Really liked it .. it will only get better with time... great


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