Coming Home Now... (Short Story)

"Have you ever seen the valley this green?"

There was awe and confusion in their eyes. This small group of people in the local bus headed to their village after a year long stint working away from home.

"Not really, I guess the rain gods were pleased this year. Or maybe our prayers have been heard"

"Wasn't that was house broken down when we last saw it. He seems to be doing quite well for himself now"

The awe was turning to question, the delight to fear. They sensed it. Something was not right here.

"Shouldn't we check with the driver? He would know. This is his route"

The kids in the front were loving it. The valley beautiful as they had never seen. The wind clean and the weather had never been this perfect. It was too good to be true.

"The route seems to have changed a lot in recent times hasn't it??"

"To be honest?? Even I am surprised. The roads are perfect and this place has never looked like heaven. I was here last week and this is nothing like what I remember."

"But then isn't that good?? We all have become sceptics !! Cant even relish something so beautiful without questioning or contemplating conspiracies !!"

The laughter cheered up the whole bus.

"I guess you are right, we should really be enjoying this rather than being scared."

It was just too perfect. Greenery all around. Streams flowing by perfectly maintained houses and mild cool breeze blowing on their faces.

The countryside had never felt so good. Home never so exciting. They pushed back into their seats looking out the windows, soaking it all in. This was something no one wanted to miss !!

MEANWHILE, a little distance behind them..

Uniformed Officer on the Radio: Yes Sir, we found the bus. No sir. Not good. No survivors. All I can say.. I hope at least they are all in a good place now.....


  1. Awesome!!! and freaky at the same time.....very well composed!!

  2. Very nice . Make lot of meaning & sense .. Well written..

  3. Good one 👌🏻 of villages are slowly getting degraded... ☹️


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