It Happened One Night.. (Short Story)

Buzzz... Buzzz.. (cellphone buzzing)
He never got calls this late at night

Buzzz... Buzzz...
"What the hell?? Who's calling this time of the night?"

It was one of those nights, you should never have been alone. The weather was bad enough the last couple of days, but tonight, tonight a storm was brewing.. And maybe something more..

Flashhh.. The lightning lit up portions of the dark room..
"Hello? Who's this? Hello?? Anyone there??"

Thunders were getting louder by the minute; the lightnings eerie and the howling wind sending a chill up your spine..

Buzzz... Buzzz...
"Hello? Who is it?? Why don't you say something??"

Flashhh... Only this time.. He wasn't alone..
"What the.. !! Who's there?? I said.. who's there ???"

Nothing moved.. No sound.. Just the sound of his heavy breath and his heart pumping loud.. Nothing but an empty corridor..
No sound.. His eyes still searching the shadow..

Buzzz... Buzzz...
"Who the f**k is this?? I can hear you breathing.. Why don't you talk ?? I'm gonna call the police.. This is not funny !!"

Boom boom boom.. His heart pulsating with the thunder..

Flashhh.. Same shadow .. Closer ..
"F**ckkkk !! Who is that?? I'm calling the police right now.. Show yourself !!"

He'd never been so afraid.. Never.. Holding up a cricket bat he grasped.. His other hand fumbling to find the light switch..

Click... Nothing.. Click! Click! Click! Click!
"Shittt !! Get a grip man .. You're just hallucinating.."

Flashhh.. Those eyes.. Shining in the dark.. Staring at him
"No.. No.. No.. Shitt.. No.. Call the police.. Call the police.."

Beep(1) .. Beep(0) .. Beep(0)
"All routes in this line are currently busy. Please try again later."

Flashhh.. Those eyes.. The room getting smaller
"Shitt !! Shit !! Redial.. Redial.. "

Beep beep beep
"All routes in this line are currently busy. Please try again later."
"No.. No.. No.."

Flashhh.. Nothing..
Just an empty corridor..

Flashhh.. Still nothing
The only sound .. His laboured breath and his heart.. Pounding..

Flashhh.. Still nothing..
"Where are you?? Where the f**k are you??"

Flashhh.. Those eyes.. Again.. Inches behind him
"Right here !! Boo !!"


  1. Cool...good one inspire of the obscenities

  2. Hahaha....can be a good preamble for a murder mystery or a close encounter of the third kind....


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