Ever wondered how it would feel to reboot, leave everything behind and move on in life in a brand new direction?

The most common reply happens to be "What sort of a question is that? Everyone thinks of it and very few get a chance to actually do it..". Though now if we change the question and ask.. "Have you actually tried to reboot your life and start anew??" That does get us thinking doesn't it?

After all, we are holding on to so much; home, bills, EMIs, healthcare.. On and on. These now govern our life than we doing it ourselves. In effect, we have now successfully managed to erect a wall of excuses over our lifetime.

And why?? The answer if we look at it from a simplified perspective boils down to "Fear of Change". Anything new scares us, fuels our inhibitions and anxieties. Then be it a new job, first date, first kiss or even marriage. The fear of not being able to contemplate the "whats" and the "hows" pulling us back all the time. A majority of us do not move ahead still waiting to the answers to these questions to feel safe. Truth be told; there are no answers to these questions... Only experiences to be lived - first hand.

What does it really need to take that one first step to changing our lives? That one final push to actually go ahead and do what we want to do and not what is expected of us to do. Most would say it needs 'Courage' and 'Luck'. But honestly, aren't we already courageous enough? Waging our daily battles with life, work, health, wealth and a million other things?

Is it then will? Or need? Or just pure desperation to achieve? Each one of us might have a different take on it; and those did manage to pull off are examples in their own right. Was it easy for Bill Gates to give up Harvard to risk a startup? Or for people like Mother Teresa who gave up everything in their lives to serve others? They too will have faced the same questions and doubts and yet chose to go ahead and break the norm and chase what made them happy, what gave them peace at night. A plunge it may have been, but a risk worth taking and failure their own to accept.

The million dollar question turns up to be "Who am I? What do I really want from life?" We could either go the hermit way and end up in a cave for years looking deep inside ourselves or we could let life be our teacher and let experiences show us the way. Life, however harsh, has a lot to offer; most of which we tend to ignore. Why risk failure? Why look for more? And when we are at the sunset of our life looking back; only then will we see all that we should have explored.

For once step out of your comfort zone, for once try something we would never do. Win or lose, it doesn't really matter for it will be the experience that will make life better. That's when we will really see how much we lose by holding back and that it's us and only us that's been in our way so far.

So go ahead, start small if it helps. Sing at a karaoke, dance even if you can't, meet new people, eat things that freak you out, jump from an aeroplane or move to an entirely new place. Reboot. For it's now or never. For if one hasn't  tried there will always be a regret in life that we could have done better.

Results are only what one reap, its the memories and the experiences that you really treasure; really keep..


  1. Telepathy...was ruminating about the same thoughts

  2. Your writing style is so engaging that I can't help but return for more." Coreball is the ultimate game for putting your abilities and patience to the test!


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