Technology : Bigger is better?

Coming from a generation we casually refer to as the 'Change Generation', we can truly say we have seen it all. From the millennium change to Facebook to Google glass, there's too much to take in. What is incredible is we have actually seen technology come one full circle.

Remember the days when humans were just introduced to an invention called cellphones. The huge boxes people carried around with scary amounts of money for even a small talk. Looking around now, guess we have come back to those days. Phones that look more like LCDs and tablets more like laptops. With the trend in place they are only growing bigger these days.

The question that really comes up "Is bigger really better? Or is it just a phase?".

Well the answer really lies in constant need for humans to have something new. We built things small and  small and hit ourselves in the wall. So how do we fuel this desire for something new. That's when someone I am betting from Samsung came up with 'Hey.. If we make them big again, you think it will work?'

Look at the Samsung phones these days.. Quattro, Grand, Mega, Note and you would think these were built for an elephant's ears, not human's.

It doesn't end with mobile phones, look at movie titles, we went from VCDs (700MB) to DVDs (4GB) to Bluray (36GB) all in the quest for bigger resolution pictures. Well on a smaller screen all 3 formats would technically look the same. It is for the bigger screens.
Who would have wondered people would buy TVs the size of walls? But yet they get bigger each day.

Its amusing to watch people carry 10" IPads to malls which is nowhere near comfortable to carry around. Yet we do.

Where does this all lead us (Apart from space issues, needing 'bigger' homes)? If you are looking the near future, then its going to get even bigger to meet the sizes of our ever growing bodies going lazy by these devices. And as long as there is demand, the corporates will feed and then switch back to the smaller sizes or maybe to the virtual scope (Read Google glasses).

Though it still remains to be seen, how long will people continue to accommodate to these huge devices. The bigger devices do offer more quality, more workspace, but how long before comfort comes back into peoples priorities?

Is bigger better? Well it has its upsides and has its downsides. As heard recently from a close associate 'Nothing is perfect. You accept changes with its benefits and its flaws so long as the benefits outweigh the flaws'.

The current flavor of the season happens to be larger tech, till we feel the need to try something new... 


  1. Finally!!! Its gr8 to have you back...No doubt you would have written this post on your brand new and "bigger" tab :)

  2. Yeps..I am both.. the victim and the perpetrator :)


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