Little Joys (Poem)

Little joys in life
       We choose to ignore
Waiting for the perfect one
       We forever struggle towards
Not knowing what we missed
       Dreaming away our life
Moving faster than we should
       Leaving everything behind...

Stop for while
       Take a look around
Learn to live your life
       One moment at a time...

Hold the ones you love
       Let them know your there for them
Hear them speak their hearts out
       See the love they have for you, see it grow everyday...

Break your heart in love
       To know the pain of loss
But its just another lesson
       To feel it inside and spread it across...

Smiling all the day
       No matter how bad it is
You'll surely make someones day
       No matter how bad it is...

Feel the wind blow in your face
       Let go of everything, let nothing stay
You feel the rush grow in your blood
       Your ready for anything that comes your way...

Am I the only one
       Who feels this is the way
Or you hear it inside too
       But choose to ignore, choose to move away.....


  1. your submit is very exciting to examine.

  2. Your poem has helped me cultivate a mindset of gratitude and resilience – I'm thankful for the lessons! Jump into the action and show off your sharpshooting skills in Rooftop Snipers!


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